Tips For Women Who Want To Attract Men

If you’re single and looking to date until you find the perfect guy, you’ll have to do certain things to ensure that men won’t be able to resist asking you out on a date. Plain Jane’s and wallflowers are never the prom queens, so don’t let your inhibitions stop you from becoming a heartbreaker. You could ask voodoo practitioners to cast a spell that will make you more desirable, but there are some other ways to make men more attracted to you without involving magic.


If you want to keep the voodoo practitioners as a last resort, try changing your appearance first. Women who look fertile are instinctively attractive to men. Signs of fertility include clear, glowing skin, long and healthy hair and a body that is in shape. These are all signs of good genetics and will make men attracted to you, even if they don’t know why. Invest in high quality skin care products as well as tasteful makeup. Grow your hair out and wear extensions if need be. A quick way to get your hair looking soft and shiny is by getting a Brazilian blow dry. This treatment will make your hair look shiny and soft for weeks to come while effectively getting rid of frizz.

Your behavior is also something that will determine how attractive you are. Try to avoid acting masculine by speaking in harsh tones or using curse words. A soft spoken and well-mannered woman is always more attractive than a woman who shouts and speaks like a sailor. You don’t need to become a doormat, but you should let your strength be something elegant, not something harsh and rude. All men want to feel good about themselves and this is easier when their date is a friendly and well-mannered woman.